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Meet our sales associates serving you at Timberline Auto Center
We offer a relaxed, no-pressure, small-town atmosphere from your initial inquiry to the test-drive to the delivery of your new vehicle. Our trained and knowledgeable sales staff is committed to finding the perfect car, truck, or SUV that will serve the needs of you and your family and best fit your lifestyle.

Timberline Auto Center sales associate Brian Zimmerman
Meet Brian Zimmerman
Being a Libby, Montana resident almost his entire life, Brian Zimmerman’s desire to remain part of this community following high school graduation led him to employment with the Stimson Lumber Company until the weakening timber industry took its toll on his once stable career.

As the local economy regained its strength following the shutdown of Libby’s largest employer, Brian’s employment remained strong for the next ten years as he pursued a career with Noble Excavating Inc., a local construction firm. Unfortunately, with a slowing economy and the inevitable down-sizing of the construction industry, the decision to reconsider his career opportunities in an entirely different sector was seen as a viable option.

Brian’s resolve to stay true to his small-town roots was not a career-limiting decision. With support from his wife Tammy and two sons, combined with Timberline Auto Center’s need to expand its sales department, Brian found a place where he could hang his hat right here in Libby.

On a very personal level, Brian promotes a close involvement with the Libby Christian Church and has earned bragging rights by serving on the Libby Volunteer Fire Department for 15 years, just resigning at the turn of this year. Fittingly enough, even with a very active social calendar with family and friends, Brian would love the opportunity to restore a vintage Ford coupe or two to its original glory!

The next few years, designed to be a rich learning experience, will allow Brian to not only succeed as a vehicle sales associate, but contribute to many departments within the company as well. As Brian has stressed, the most rewarding components of his job will be getting to know each client on a personal level before the sale and being part of their excitement as they take delivery of their new vehicle. Timberline Auto Center is fortunate to have Brian as part of our team as his combination of talent, people skills and aptitude will prove time and time again to serve his clients well in the automotive arena.

You can reach Brian after hours via cell at (406) 283-1177.
Timberline Auto Center sales associate Paul Resch
Meet Paul Resch
Born and raised in Libby, Montana, Paul Resch will always call the Kootenai Valley home due to its beauty, year-round recreation, and its laid-back lifestyle. Following high school graduation, Paul, like many young men of his generation in a thriving lumber industry, tested the vigorous and tough career as a logger before joining the local lumber mill workforce. Upon closure of the Stimson Lumber Mill, the source of Libby’s primary wood products industry, Paul found himself in a large pool of dislocated mill workers.

Paul’s unexpected loss of livelihood motivated him to change focus in his career path eventually leading him to the automotive sales field. Currently, Paul has sixteen full years of sales experience in the automotive business providing outstanding product knowledge and complete dedication to customer support and satisfaction.

If you are looking to work with an expert in the automotive industry, Paul is here to serve you. As a certified specialist in the Ford, Chrysler, Ram, and Dodge product line, Paul will advise you on all your choices and help make your vehicle purchasing experience as easy and stress-free as possible.

Paul can be reached after hours at (406) 293-8636.